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This system shreds large quantities of waste material automatically. This machine safely destroys archives, complete files, large quantities of computer printouts, bound material, CDs, floppy disks, discarded bank notes and odd shaped objects.

  • Conveyor belt serves as a waste-metering device, ensuring uninterrupted throughput with large capacity hopper for continuous feeding.
  • System fully integrated with simple controls.
  • Automatic reverse & restart in the unlikely case of overload.
  • Compact construction with small footprint, also suitable for mobile use.
  • Dust extractor available as an option.
  • Can be integrated with existing feed & delivery systems.

Products specifications
Item Name Large Document Shredder
Shred Size (in) 1/4
Sheet Capacity 2000
Manufacturer Olympia
Security Level Level 3
Delivery Conveyor, Height Above Floor/Width (in) 17-1/2 / 19-5/8
Noise Level (Db.a) 70/82
Power 220 / 3 ph
Motor Output (kW) 22
Fuse (A) 50
Dimensions (in) 38-1/2 x 212-1/2 x 94-1/2
Dimensions WxLxH w/ Magnetic Separator (in) 38-1/2 x 256 x 105-1/2
Weight (lbs) 4851 / 5512
Feed Hopper WxLxH (in) 31-1/2 x 43-3/8 x 23-5/8
Feed Height Above Floor (in) 37-1/2
Belt Width (in) 19-11/16
Cutting Width x Cutting Length (in) 3/4 up to 1-1/2 (optional)<br/>1/4 x9/16-2
Working width (in) 19-11/16
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