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Bill and Coin Changers

Picture for category Lynde-Ordway Belt Changers

Lynde-Ordway Belt Changers

The Lynde-Ordway / Johnson Universal Belt Changer is the most rugged changer available. With its modular construction, any combination of coin dispensing is available. Whether you need 1 coin or 5 coins, the Lynde-Ordway Belt Changers are built to fit your needs and built to outlast the competition.

The Lynde-Ordway Belt Changer has an open top "Casino" version which has been used exclusively by the gaming industry for many years. The standard slotted-top version of the beltchanger is used in many other industries, including catering and fast food.


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Mc Gill Belt Changers

Mc Gill money changers are very lightweight and compact and used in a wide variety of light use industries. With two styles to choose from, including open front and bumper guard models, these changers offer 3 different coin dispense options. Choose which works best for your industry. Quarter, Dime, Nickel, Penny Quarter, Dime, Nickel, Nickel Quarter, Dime, Nickel, Quarter

Picture for category Lynde-Ordway Kwik-Koin Tabletop Changers

Lynde-Ordway Kwik-Koin Tabletop Changers

The Lynde-Ordway Kwik-Koin Table Top changers are great for vending stands, fund raisers, arcades, theme parks, ticket booths, bars, toll roads, and wherever change is given. A quick touch of the lever of this coin dispenser drops coins into your palm with unfailing accuracy.

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Hamilton Currency Changers

Hamilton Manufacturing Corporation has been manufacturing quality products for over 75 years. We began as a scale manufacturer in 1921. As the times changed, so did the market and we began producing coin changers to meet the growing demand for quality change machines.

Hamilton Manufacturing was the first manufacturer of pay stations for automatic car washes in the 1980's.Today, Hamilton has earned a reputation as a leading manufacturer of currency changers.

From the laundry industry, to parking and vending operators, Hamilton meets the diverse needs of its customers with the finest products and highest level of service. Hamilton's many long-standing customers are a tribute to those products and services.

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Standard Change-Makers

Standard Change-Makers has been delivering high quality Change, Ticket and Token machines since 1955.

Our loyal customers appreciate our tough, dependable and reputable products backed by our outstanding service.

We've combined proficiency with customer satisfaction, and our units meet and exceed any and all expectations.

To us, our customers are anything but small change.