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Coin Counters

Lynde-Ordway - Downey-Johnson Coin Counters

Lynde-Ordway - Downey-Johnson Coin Counters


The Lynde-Ordway / Downey-Johnson can count "ANY SIZE" coin or token from .650 to 1.250. Models come in Manual crank or Electric and can either do Bagging Only or Wrapping Tubes with batch stops.
Standard and High Speed models available.

  • User replaceable Tire Wheel  & Adjustable feed roller for longer life of equipment
  • Easily accessible for cleaning
  • Standard Models count 1300 Quarters or 1700 Dimes per minute
  • Fast Count Models count 2000 Quarters or 2600 Dimes per minute
Scan Coin Coin Counter - Sorters

Scan Coin Coin Counter - Sorters

SCAN COIN coin counters count, verify and bag coins or tokens, while off-sorting smaller coin denominations. SCAN COIN is well known for its world-leading sensor technology to identify foreign, damaged or counterfeit coins.
Features include:

  • Batch stop capabilities
  • Memory functions with subtotals and grand totals
  • An alphanumeric LED display
  • A serial interface for an optional printer or PC communication


Magner Coin Counter - Sorters

Magner Coin Counter - Sorters

These Magner coin counter/sorter machines take the big investment out of small change processing without sacrificing quality or accuracy. They feature:

  • The ability to count approximately 600 coins per minute
  • Hopper capacities of 1000 dimes
  • Sophisticated electronics with automatic motor shut off.
  • Optional bag folders
  • Optional printer and computer interface (model 110)