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Pre-Shredder for the 16.50S large document shredder, the 16.86 shredder/baler combination and the 16.50 VIBRO Compactor. In conjunction with a conveyor belt for automatic feeding, continuous operation is ensured. Coordinated control of the conveyor belt, pre-shredder & large document shredder guarantees optimum metering of the material fed in.

  • Powerful separate drive.
  • Solid cutting mechanism made from hardened high-grade steel.
  • Conveyor belt for automatic continuous feeding.
  • Auto-reverse function in case of overfeed.
  • Various safety devices to ensure a high level of operator safety.
  • Material feed via material hopper also possible.

Products specifications
Item Name Large Document Pre-Shredder
Shred Size (in) 1/4
Sheet Capacity N/A
Manufacturer Olympia
Security Level N/A
Delivery Conveyor, Height Above Floor/Width (in) N/A
Noise Level (Db.a) N/A
Power N/A
Motor Output (kW) 10
Dimensions WxLxH w/ Magnetic Separator (in) N/A
Weight (lbs) 2425
Conveyor Belt N/A
Feed Hopper WxLxH (in) N/A
Feed Height Above Floor (in) N/A
Belt Width (in) N/A
Pre-Shredder N/A
Cutting Width x Cutting Length (in) 1-3/16"
Delivery Width 19-11/16"
Length (in) 197"
Technical Data Technical Data
Throughput (lbs/hr) 2000
Cutting Mechanism Size (in) 15 x 12-1/8"
Number of Cutters (unit) 13
Technical Data Conveyor Belt Technical Data Conveyor Belt
Delivery Hopper (cu. ft.) 14.8
Power supply (volt) 220 / 3 ph
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