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Standard Bind-Fast 5


The Bind-Fast 5TM from Standard is the ideal tabletop padding and binding system for meeting the demands of today's short-run/ on-demand production environments. Versatile enough to perform three different bind styles - instant padding, 'wrap-around' perfect book binding, and report binding.

Products specifications
Item Name Bind-Fast 5 Perfect Binder & Padder DISCONTINUED PRODUCT Available in Used & Refurbished ONLY!
Warm-up Time 12 Minutes
Binding Thickness N/A
Maximum Binding Thickness N/A
Maximum Book Size N/A
Minimum Book Size N/A
Ship Weight (lbs) N/A
Weight (lbs) 90 lbs. (100 lbs. with Nipper)
Power Requirements 8 amps, 115V, 60 Hz
Cycle Speed 6 to 13 seconds
Adhesive Coating Thickness 0 to 1/16"
Machine Dimensions (Carriage extended)HxLxW 15" x 57" x 12 1/2"
Maximum Padding / Binding Length 17 1/2"
Maximum Perfect Binding 1 3/4" thick x 15 1/4" length with optional Nipper Cover Table
Padding / Binding Capacity 2 to 600 sheets (3")
Production Rates Padding: Up to 1000 (1/4") pads per hour<br/>Perfect Binding: Up to 150 books per hour<br/>Report Binding: Up to 360 (1/2") books per hour
Cover Stock 20# to 110#, up to 10pt Cover Stock
Adhesive Tank Capacity 25 oz.
Adhesive Temperature Ready: 340 degrees<br/>Stand-by: 235 degrees
Coating Action Reverse rotating applicator drum
Separator Plates 2
Note Standard Bind-Fast adhesive has been specially developed for use in the Bind-Fast 5 machine. Use of any other adhesive may cause deterioration of performance.
Nipper Clamp Table (For wrap-around perfect binding): Yes<br/>No
Dimensions (in) N/A
Number of Clamps N/A
Cover Insertion N/A
Power Source N/A
Power Consumption N/A
Spine Preparation N/A
Sheet Capacity 26
Separator Plates(For increased production of padding) Yes<br/>No