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Scan Coin SC 3001 Coin Counter / Sorter


Scan Coin SC 3001

Features Smaller coin off-sort allows separation of mixed denominations High speed, up to 3,500 coins/minute Easy to use with only one clearly marked denomination selector knob controlling both diameter and thickness settings Preprogrammed stops, with manual override from 5 to 50,999 Subtotals and grand total with separate bag count memory Two speed coin fed for optimum performance when bagging or wrapping Electronic sensor for accurate counting - does not require cleaning to maintain highest accuracy Long lasting electronic sensor with non-contact counting reduces wear and eliminates the need for high pressure feeding belts Easy to read six digit green LED display with unique program function capable of displaying counts up to four billion Automatic disc reversing for jam clearing and shut off when no more coins are detected Quiet - only 67 dB noise level Standard configuration includes all six denominations (SBA), 50¢, 25¢, 5¢, 1¢) and can be adjusted to handle virtually any coin or token up to 1.55" diameter


Products specifications
Item Name Scan Coin SC 3001
Price $1,875.00