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Magner Model 35-3 Currency Counter


The Magner Model 35-3 offers the quality and performance you have come to expect from the MAGNER® 35 Series, the longest produced, #1 selling currency counter in the world… EVER!

One word best describes the Magner Model 35-3... overachiever. It is a compact premium Currency Counter designed for outstanding performance in basic currency processing applications. It offers simplicity of operation and a host of standard features such as selectable speeds up to 1500 notes per minute, automatic start, variable batching, accumulation mode and full error detection. Designed from the beginning for superior reliability and dependability, the Model 35-3 is engineered to deliver MAGNER quality performance for the long haul.

MAGNER Model 35-3 features include:

  • Variable batching
  • Full 10-key pad
  • Three selectable speeds (600/1200/1500 notes/minute)
  • Full error detection
  • Three operating modes:
        - Count    - Batch    - Accumulate
  • 5 density level settings
  • Integrated carrying handle (molded into case)
  • Large LCD Displays (for total and batch)
  • Automatic or manual start functio
  • NEW - now with 2 Year Warranty 

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Products specifications
Item Name Magner Model 35-3 Currency Counter
Error Detection yes
Counting Speed 1,300 per minute
Hopper Capacity 300 notes
Stacker Capacity 150 notes
Batching 10 key variable from 1 to 999
Electrical 120V 60Hz / 230V 50Hz (Selectable)
Dimensions (in) 10 x 7.5 x 9
Document Size Limits 2" x 4" to 3.75" x 7"
Document Feed Mechanism Intermittent roller friction type
Display 4 digit LED total display, 3 digit LED batch display
Density Setting Automatic comparison<br/>16 internally selectable ranges
Auto Diagnostics MODE 1: Static test mode or technical maintenance<br/>MODE 2 Active test mode for currency evaluation
Price $595.00