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LO Kwik-Koin D25L Quarter Changer


The Lynde-Ordway Kwik-Koin Table Top changers are great for vending stands, fund raisers, arcades, theme parks, ticket booths, bars, toll roads, and wherever change is given. A quick touch of the lever of this coin dispenser drops coins into your palm with unfailing accuracy.

The Kwik Koin D25L long tube dispenses four quarters at a time and can be used in conjunction with any of the other denomination tubes, bases and funnels.

Select "Add to Cart" and choose from a single unit base up to a five unit base along with a choise of .01¢, .05¢, .10¢, .25¢, and $1.00 coin tubes. All tubes dispense 5 coin except the quarter tube, which dispenses 4 coins. Funnels are available for each denomination tube as well.


Products specifications
Item Name Kwik Koin D25L .25¢ Long Tube Changer
Price $200.00