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LO BBL5S Belt Changer


This is the most rugged changer available in today's market. The Lynde-Ordway belt changer has persistently outperformed all others. This five barrel slotted top changer offers total flexibility. You can connect as many barrels as you need and in any order you desire. With a single actuation, the penny, nickel and dime barrels can dispense from 1 to 5 coins, while the quarter barrel will dispense 1 to 4 coins.

This specific model comes with 5 barrels.
During the "Add to Cart" process please specify any combination of coin barrels and how many coins each barrel will dispense.

Notes: You can request a quote on different combination of belt changers. Orders for tokens and international coins are also accepted. Please submit specifications and samples for quotation.


Products specifications
Item Name Lynde-Ordway BBL5S Belt Changer
Coin Tube(s) 5 Denominations