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Formax FD644


The Formax FD 644 offers two four-station models for increased productivity and flexibility. The FD644 Folder / Inserter Standard offers four standard feeders and the 644-Special comes with three standard feeders and one special feeder for processing glossy and heavier paper stock. Both four-station models are modular and can be converted into future six station units.

Products specifications
Item Name Formax FD644 Folder / Inserter
Weight (lbs) 226 lbs
Dimensions (in) 16-1/2" x 63" x 36"
Paper Size Length 3-1/2" - 14"
Speed Width 5-1/8" - 9"
Envelope Size 3,500 pieces/hr
Feed Hopper Length 3-1/2" - 6-3/8"
Envelope Hopper Width 6-1/4" - 9-3/4"
Duty Cycle Up to 325 Sheets
Voltage Up to 250 enveloppes
Safety Certifications 60,000 per month
Price 100-120 Volts