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Digi DMC-290L


The DIGI® DMC-290 Series enhances user accuracy with features like an easy-to-operate keypad and three bright fluorescent displays that show net weight, denomination and the actual dollar values of the items being weighed. Multiple weighments accumulate total values. With special function keys and up to 190 internal memory items, you’ll have the ability to count virtually every type coin, token, ticket or chip. Coins may be counted loose, pre-wrapped, boxed or bagged. Keyboard unit weight calculations and calibration of all functions are easy and fast. In addition, connecting to peripherals like bar code readers, remote platforms, printers and PCs is a snap.

  • Dual displays for cashier and customer view
  • Three large high contrast LCD displays:
           Weight  -  Denomination  -  Dollar amount
  • Dollar amount accumulation or subtraction
  • Programmable denomination and unit weight
  • One touch tare entry keyboard
  • Reverse sampling and counting capability
  • Eighteen preset keys for additional coins or tokens
  • Rugged heavy duty design, yet lightweight
         (10 lb/4.4 kg) for portability
  • Battery* saving auto power-off function
  • Toggle between coin count and dollar amount
  • AC adapter or rechargeable battery operation (battery optional)

    * Batteries not included



Products specifications
Item Name DIGI® DMC 290L Coin Scale
Unit Weight Five digits plus decimal
Capacity 50 lbs<br/>100 lbs
Weight Display 5 Digits
Unit Weight Display 5 Digits
Value Display 7 Digits
Capacity Resolution 50 lbs @ 0.005<br/>100 lbs @ 0.01
Dollar value per piece maximum of $9,999.99
Tare Weight Five digits plus decimal
Part Number 16 Characters
Inventory $9,999,999,999.99
Movement In/Out $9,999,999,999.99
Set Point High/Low $9,999.99
Power Source 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz (Optional DC rechargeable battery)
Physical Dimensions 20.8" x 16.3" x 15.5"
Weight Display Resolution 1/2,500 to 1/10,000
Counting Resolution 1/1,000,000
Operating Temperature 14° - 104°F/ 10° - 40°C
Denomination Count $99,999.99
Accumulated Count $99,999,999.99
Optional Accessories Available Part # BCR-5 (BaCode DIGItal Pen Reader)Part # BCR-6 (Bar Code Laser Scanner)<br/>Part # BCP-300 (Bar Code Label Printer)<br/>Part # CTM-295 (Ticket Printer/M )
Price $1,495.00