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Challenge EH-3 Drill


High Production, Single Stroke, Three-Hole Drilling!
The EH-3 will drill one, two, or three holes. For three-hole drilling, set drill bits and guides to meet your specifications. For two-hole drilling, simply remove one drill bit and reposition the drill heads and side guide where needed. Multiple-hole patterns can be accomplished with the optional auto-trip side guide and just one drill bit. The EH-3 — designed to meet all your job requirements. The center head is stationary, while outside heads are adjustable for easy hole-to-hole spacing. A single control on top of the drill quickly sets the depth of stroke, and adjustment rings on the outside heads accommodate variations in individual drill lengths. A simple touch of the foot pedal brings the drill heads down to the table. Hydraulic operation minimizes operator fatigue and results in consistent, clean holes. At the bottom of the drilling stroke, drill heads automatically return to the up position. If the pedal is released at any time during the stroke, the heads immediately return to the upper position to minimize stock waste.


  • Powerful Hydraulic Operation
  • 2 1/2" Drilling Capacity
  • Fast and Easy Head Adjustments
  • Flexible Backgauge Adjustments
  • Automatic Drill Return
  • Auto-Trip Side Guide (optional)
  • Built to Last

Products specifications
Item Name 3 Spindle Paper Drill
Table Size (in) 19 1/2" x 31 1/2" / 50 x 80 cm
Overall Height 59 1/4" / 151 cm
Table Height 37" / 94 cm
Floor Space Needed 36" x 41 1/2" / 92 x 105 cm
Maximum Drilling Capacity 2 1/2" / 63 mm
Maximum Number of Drill Heads 3 Heads
Number of Drill Heads 3
Electrical 1 Phase, 60 Hz, AC. Pump: 1/2 HP. Spindle Motor: 1 HP. 208 Volts, 18 Amps or 230 Volts, 17 Amps (service size 30 Amps
Net Weight (approximate) 520 lbs / 374 kg
Shipping Weight (approximate) 570 lbs / 410 kg
Minimum Distance Between Holes w/ Adj. Stops 2 3/4" / 7 cm
Minimum Distance Between Holes w/ Fixed Gauges N/A
Drill Sizes Available(2" capacity): 1/8" to 1/2" / 3 to 13 mm
Drill Sizes Available (2-1/2" capacity) 1/4" to 1/2" / 6 to 13 mm
Backgauge Adjustment 0 to 5" / 0 to 13 cm
Vertical Adjustment of Individual Heads 1/4" / 6 mm
Accessories Auto-Trip Side Guide