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Akiles CoilMac-M


Akiles CoilMac 4:1 M  renders efficiency and productivity. Its high quality components and full range of functions make it the most complete and durable equipment in its class, ideal for higher volume binderies and copy centers.

  • Die Disengagement Pins: For a clean punch with multiple paper sizes.
  • Punching Margin Control: Provides the correct punch-margin-depth for each coil size and maximizes the document's tear resistance.
  • Side Margin Control: Provides an evenly centered punch for all document sizes.
  • Coil Selector
  • Open Punching Throat and Continuous Punching Guide
  • Waste Basket
  • Inserting Table: Expedites the inserting of the coil; reducing costs and binding time.
  • Includes: Waste drawer, spiral coil selector.
  • Optional: SPiral coil pliers.

Products specifications
Item Name CoilMac-41 4:1 Manual Punch and Coil Inserter
Punching Pitch 4:01
Punching Manual Punch / Manual Bind
Punching Length 13"
Punching Capacity 17 sheets (20 lbs)
Weight (lbs) 35
Disengaging Dies 5
Hole Size Round - 4mm radius
Side Margin Control Included
Punching Margin Controll Included
Construction Metal
Warranty 1 Year
Ship Weight (lbs) N/A
Accessories N/A
Binding Capacity 25 mm / slightly less than 1"
Wire Closer No
Price $342.00