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TOYOCOM NC-50 Available in Rebuilt ONLY


REBUILT with 6-Month Warranty

Toyocom NC-50 Currency Counter

The TOYOCOM NC-50 is designed to count currency accurately and quickly. It's ideal for use in banks, businesses, supermarkets -anywhere that large volumes of bank notes are found. Even with its blazing 1200-note-per-minute speed, the NC-50 counts accurately. The size of the first few notes counted is automatically detected by electronic photo sensors and "remembered". Then any off-size currency (or any other problem) causes an alarm message on the LED display; the self-diagnostics let you know immediately the type and location of the error.

The NC-50 has a full range of counting modes, too. In the free count mode, the NC-50 operates until all notes have been counted; while in batch mode, the counter stops when a predetermined number of notes has been counted, then automatically starts a new batch when the old one has been removed. Of course, CUMULATE mode is available from both free and batch count applications: the NC-50 simply keeps adding to the overall accumulated total.

Easy to use hopper size and paper thickness controls let you handle almost any type of size of currency. And a special NC-50 control lets you count even notes that are brand-new or very old and soiled.

Key Features:


  • Reliable: Counts bank notes without error
  • Versatile: Full range of counting modes: free count, batch count, batch-repeat count, cumulative count
  • Fast: Counting speed of 1,200 notes/minute
  • Economical: Compare to other models and you'll see
  • Easy to clear: Should jamming occur during counting, the short simple path allows the jammed bill to be cleared quickly and easily
  • Problem-free: Includes self-diagnostics with easy-to-understand alarm messages

Products specifications
Item Name Toyocom NC 50 Currency Counter
Currency Size Width: 100-185mm (3.9-7.3 inches) Length: 50-100 mm (2.0-3.9 inches) Thickness: 0.06-.015 mm (0.002-0.006 inches)
Weight (lbs) 17 1/2
Hopper Capacity New Sheet: 500 sheets, Used Sheet: 300 Sheets
Counting Speed 1,200 sheets/minute
Stacker Capacity 200 sheets
Power Requirements AC 100V/115V/230V, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions (in) 11 x 8 1/4 x 11 1/2
Preset Batch Number Any batch size up to 999 sheets
External Interface 20mA current loop serial interface is provided
Optional Accessories Available For price information please search for part numbers listed:<br/>Part # M-020008 (Cleaning cards)<br/>Part # NC/CC (Canvas Carrying Case)<br/>Part # 1671-10S (Clean jet dust remover)