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Standard-DF9 / DF9A / DF9RT / DF9ART


The Standard DocuFeed DF9/DF9A Bookletmaking System is changing the print finishing industry with an innovative concept called "Automated Off-Line". The DocuFeed's patented automated Off-Line set feeding technology out-performs traditional off-line and in-line bookletmaking by combining key benefits form each method into one new finishing solution. The DF9A is a fully automated version of the DF9. Optional rotator system available on either model - DF9RT & DF9ART

Products specifications
Item Name Standard DocuFeed Off-Line Bookletmaking Systems
Power N/A
Dimensions (in) System: 110"L x 36"W x 36"H
Flat Paper Size (W x L): N/A
Finished Booklet Size (W x L): N/A
Production Speed Up to 2,100 books per hour
Maximum Number of Sheets N/A
Staple Heads N/A
Staple Magazine Capacity N/A
Staple Type N/A
Weight/Shipping Weight SPF-9/9A: 340lbs/410lbs
Power Requirements N/A
Maximum Sheet Size N/A
Minimum Sheet Size N/A
Staples N/A
Maximum Booklets Sheets N/A
Cycle Speed N/A
Exit Conveyor/Stacker N/A
Staple Clinch Type N/A
Paper Weight 20-24 lb. bond with intermixed heavy cover stock, high gloss, digitally images cover stock
Option Set Rotator - allows sets to be reoriented for presentation to the bookletmaker
Production Speed with Set Rotator Up to 1,000 booklets per hour (1,800 booklets w/o rotating)
Minimum Set Thickness Range 2 sheets
Offset Requirement 8.5" x 11"
Loading Station Capacity up to 34 sheets (20lb. bond or equivalent)
Number of Staple heads 3/4" (+-1/4")
Stapling Mechanism Up to 10" of offset stacked sets
Trimming Margin 2 Fixed (4.7" center to center)
Power Usage Clincher (Lie Flat)
Price Up to 1/2"
Security Level 1
Sheet Sizes & Min Set Thickness - Stapling and Folding (Booklet) 8.5" x 11" up to 12.5" x 17"
Sheet Sizes & Min Set Thickness-Top Stapling/Corner Stapling up to 22 sheets (20lb. bond or equivalent)