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Rollem Champion 990 Turbo - 23" / 58cm


The Champion 990 Turbo Airfeed takes the basic model to a new level. Clients who demand flawless handling of sensitive coated stocks without marking will appreciate this option. Rollem's patented register guide positions sheets and ensures 100% accurate registration from the first sheet to the last. The angular micro-adjustment knob allows for easy alignment of stock to the scroring head while making critical adjustments to compensate for paper stock imperfections. Finished products offer flawless perforations, scores and slits without powder build up or marking.

The Rollem Turbo Airfeed is revolutionary in its ability to maximize profits. Some of the ideal applications include specialty perf/slit blades for finishing CD/DVD inlays; wrap around covers and accordion or roll folds. Its absolute precision stemming from patented register side guide translates into less waste and satisfied customers without the aid of skilled technicians.

Products specifications
Item Name Champion 990 Turbo 23" Scoring Perfing Slitting Machine
Head Options Single or Double
Feeding System Air
Minimum Paper Weight 20lb / 40gsm
Maximum Paper Weight 20pt Board / 300gsm
Minimum Sheet Size 6" x 6" / 152mm x 152mm
Maximum Sheet Size 23" x 23" / 580mm x 580mm
Maximum Speed up to 18,000 sheet per hour
Electrical 110v
Weight (lbs) 465