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Lynde-Ordway Company has been selling coin counting machinery to the banking, vending, and coin-op industries since 1925. Below, you will find coin counters, off-sort machines and wrapping machines. Lynde-Ordway proudly manufactures the 380 and the 381 Downey-Johnson coin counter series.

Lynde-Ordway Model 380/381
Downey-Johnson Coin Counter
DIGI DMC-290 Digital Scale
JCM CS 20 Electronic Coin Counting, Sorting, Wrapping, and Bagging in one Machine. DIGI DMC-688 Digital Scale
JCM CS-25 Coin Counter Magner Model 100/110 Counter/Sorter
JCM CS-30 Electric Coin Counter Scancoin Model 202 Counter/Sorter

Model 380/381 Downey-Johnson Coin Counter

Lynde-Ordway Model 380 Downey-Johnson Electric Coin Counter Series

Lynde-Ordway Model 381 Downey-Johnson Manual Coin Counter Series

  • Adjustable feed roller for longer life of equipment
  • Easily dissemble for cleaning
  • Standard Model Counts approximately 1700 Dimes per minute
  • Fast Count Model process approximately 2600 Dimes per minute 1.1 Cubic Feet
Model 380/381 Downey-Johnson Coin Counter

Lynde-Ordway Model S-1016 Large Coin Tray

  • Use with any coin counter or sorter
  • Stainless Steel Legs set* to fit the height of your machine
    (*cut to specific height at time of order)
CS 20

JCM CS20 Electric Coin Counter / Off-sort, wrapping and bagging machine

The JCM CS-20 is an electric Coin Counting, Sorting, Wrapping, and Bagging in one Machine.

  • Compact Lightweight Portable Design
  • High Speed Counting up to 1,500 Coins
  • Continuous or Preset able Batch Counting
  • Easy to Operate
  • International Coin and Token Models Available
  • Weights only 15.3lbs
  • 8.8"(W) x 12.6(D) x 5.9" (H)
JCM - CS-25 Coin Counter

JCM CS-25 Coin Counter

The JCM CS25 coin counter offers an off-sort capability, for multiple denomination sorting, counting, wrapping, or bagging. It will count 1800 coins per minute, and features:

  • A compact, lightweight, portable design
  • Precision off-sort technology
  • Accurate high-speed counting
  • Quiet operation
JCM - CS-30 Coin Counter

JCM CS-30 Electric Coin Counter

The CS 30 electric coin counter offers an off-sort capability, for multiple denomination sorting, counting, wrapping, or bagging. It will count 2000 coins per minute, and has a hopper capacity of 4000 coins. It also features:

  • An easy-to-use control panel with clear LED display
  • A coin tube holder, coin tubes for coin wrapping, and a side bag holder
  • Infinite stop settings from 1 to 9,999 for wrapping or bagging
Model 380/381 Downey-Johnson Coin Counter

DIGI DCM-290 Digital Scale

The DMC-290 Series enhances user accuracy with features like an easy-to-operate keypad and three bright fluorescent displays that show net weight, denomination and the actual dollar values of the items being weighed. Multiple weighments accumulate total values.
With special function keys and up to 190 internal memory items, you’ll have the ability to count virtually every type coin, token, ticket or chip. Coins may be counted loose, pre-wrapped, boxed or bagged. Keyboard unit weight calculations and calibration of all functions are easy and fast.

In addition, connecting to peripherals like bar code readers, remote platforms, printers and PCs is a snap.

  • Three large high contrast LCD displays:
    Dollar amount
  • Total Dollar accumulation or subtraction
  • Counting for coins, tokens, bags, boxes and wrapped coins
  • Instant access to 190 denomination conversions
  • Over/under value checking capability
  • Reverse counting from full containers
  • Programmable denomination and coin/unit weight
  • Accurate sampling (automatic recalculation)
  • Keyboard calibration and programming
  • 9 “hot” denomination keys
  • One touch counting operation
  • AC adapter or rechargeable battery operation (battery optional)
Model 380/381 Downey-Johnson Coin Counter

DIGI DCM-688 Digital Scale

The DMC-688 Series coin counting scale was developed with portability and speed
of operation in mind. This efficient model can weigh any quantity of coin in three seconds! Weighing in at only 10 pounds and powered either by “D” cell batteries or AC power, the DMC-688 is ideal for applications that require a portable scale.
Preset coin value keys allow counting of everything from a handful of dimes to a $1,000.00 bag of quarters.
Eighteen “hot” keys allow for scale customization with any assigned coin, token or ticket denomination.

  • Dual displays for cashier and customer view
  • Three large high contrast LCD displays:
    Dollar amount
  • Dollar amount accumulation or subtraction
  • Programmable denomination and unit weight
  • One touch keyboard tare entry
  • Reverse sampling and counting capability
  • 18 preset keys for additional coins or tokens
  • Rugged heavy duty design, yet lightweight
  • Battery saving auto power-off function
  • Toggle between coin count and dollar amount
Model 100/110

Magner Model 100/110 Counter Sorter

These Magner coin counter/sorter machines take the big investment out of small
change processing without sacrificing quality or accuracy. They feature:

  • The ability to count approximately 600 coins per minute
  • Hopper capacities of 1000 dimes
  • Sophisticated electronics with automatic motor shut off.
  • Optional bagfolders(step settings on model 110)
  • Optional printer and computer interface (model 110)
Model 202 Sorter

Scancoin Model 202 Counter Sorter

The Scan Coin 202 counter/sorter combines reliable sorting with electronic counting. Its features include:

  • Batch stop capabilities
  • Memory functions with subtotals and grand totals
  • An alphanumeric LED display
  • A serial interface for an optional printer or PC communication

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