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Magner Mag II Model 100 Sorter / Counter


Count Mixed Coins - Anywhere, Anytime Mag II Series 100 COIN SORTERS Magner 100 Coin Counter / Sorter

The Model 100 offers sophisticated electronics, automatic motor shut-off, a large capacity inspection tray, and a compact footprint. Batch subtotals and grand totals are accumulated for each of the five coin denominations. The Model 110 offers several more advanced features including memory back-up, half and full bag stops, drawer full and jam detection, printer interface port and RS232 interface capability.

The 100 Series is flexible. Depending upon your specific application, the unit can be configured as a compact countertop unit with coin drawers, or as a full bagging version complete with a security stand.

With our RTR (Register Till Refill) option, fast food operators, convenience store managers, grocers, and other retailers can easily count and recirculate coin in cash register tills.


  • Processing speed up to 600 coins per minute
  • Large inspection tray and hopper capacity
  • Sorts, counts and accumulates 5 U.S. coins ($.01, $.05, $.10, $.25, and $1.00 SBA)
  • Large, easy to read LED display (Model 100 - 6 digits, Model 110 - 7 digits)
  • Easy to use with simplified keyboard
  • Compact footprint


  • Counting Method: Optical sensors
  • Sorting Method: Gravity rail
  • Memory: Total value plus individual denomination totals for sub and grand totals. Battery back-up (Model 110 only).
  • Batching/Bag Stops: Test, half, and full standard bags (Model 110 only)
  • Dimensions: 19.5"(W) x 11.25"(D) x 14.25"(H)
  • Net Weight: 46 lbs. (51 lbs. boxed)
  • Power: 120VAC 60Hz

Options Provide Total Flexibility:

  • Open machine stand
  • Closed security stand
  • Casters for stands (Replaces Standard Glides)
  • Side shelf (Universal, Left or Right)
  • RTR (Register Till Refill) (Model 100 Only)
  • Bagging attachments
  • Parallel printer interface (Model 110 Only)
  • RS232 interface (Option on Model 100, Standard on Model 110)


Products specifications
Item Name DISCONTINUED Available in Rebuilt ONLY!<br/>Magner Model-100 Coin Sorter / Counter
Dimensions (in) 19.5"W x 11.25"D x 14.25"H
Weight (lbs) 46
Ship Weight (lbs) 52
Electrical 120VAC 60Hz
Price $1,695.00