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Lassco MS-1 Drill Sharpener


Lassco-Wizer / Spinnit MS-1 Manual Precision Drill Sharpener

This precision drill sharpener features a self-seating, lathe-type construction on a heavy-duty base. This unit can be table-mounted or hand-held and sharpens most brands of drills from 1/8" to 1/2" (3.18 mm to 12.7 mm) in just seconds.


  • Precision sharpener with self-seating, lathe type construction on a heavy duty base
  • Accepts style A, H and L drill bits
  • Comes with suction feet for stability (these can be removed and the sharpener can be mounted)
  • Constructed with a solid carbide cutting head

Lassco Wizer

Products specifications
Overall Height N/A
Number of Spindles N/A
Drilling Capacity N/A
Number of Stop Collars N/A
Base Footprint N/A
Weight (lbs) N/A
Ship Weight (lbs) N/A
Electrical N/A
Horsepower Rating N/A
Standard Throath Depth N/A
Price $141.00
Electrical 115V 60Hz
Electrical 115V 60Hz