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Formax FD642


The Formax FD 642 is part of the of 6400 series with machines that can be adapted for almost any folding and inserting application. The FD642 Standard has two standard feeders with all the advanced features offered by the 6400 series. A modular design allows for the addition of two or four stations to meet growing business needs.

Products specifications
Item Name Formax FD642 Folder / Inserter
Weight (lbs) 226 lbs
Dimensions (in) 16 -1/2" x 63" x 36"
Paper Size Length 3-1/2" - 14"
Speed Width 5-1/8" - 9"
Envelope Size 3,500 pieces/hr
Feed Hopper Length 3-1/2" - 6-3/8"
Envelope Hopper Width 6-1/4" - 9-3/4"
Duty Cycle Up to 325 Sheets
Voltage Up to 250 envelopes
Safety Certifications 60,000 per month
Price 100-120 Volts