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Akiles VersaMac Standard Punch Dies


Versamac Standard Punch Pattern Dies
$786.00 each

  • AVM-D41 - COIL 4:1 (Round)
  • AVM-D31 - WIRE 3:1 (Square)
  • AVM-D21 - WIRE 2:1 (Rectangular)
  • AVM-DC - COMB (Rectangular)
  • AVM-D3H - 3 HOLE (Round)

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Products specifications
Item Name VersaMac Standard Punch Dies
Punching Pitch N/A
Punching N/A
Punching Length N/A
Punching Capacity 35 - 55 sheets
Weight (lbs) N/A
Disengaging Dies N/A
Hole Size N/A
Side Margin Control N/A
Punching Margin Controll N/A
Construction Metal
Warranty 1 Year
Ship Weight (lbs) N/A
Accessories 3 HOLE Round(AVM-D3H) COIL 4:1 Round(AVM-D41) COMB Rectangle(AVM-DC) WIRE 2:1 Rectangle(AVM-D21) WIRE 3:1 Square(AVM-D31)
Binding Capacity N/A
Adjustable Side Margin N/A