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Akiles UltraLam 250B


UltraLam 250 Features:

  • Its exclusive "Flex-Tite" system allows it to adjust itself and maintain the proper laminating pressure with any document thickness (up to 0.08").
  • Its silicone rollers and adjustable temperature allow it to operate with or without the use of a carrier.
  • Able to laminate all standard pouches, of various thicknesses, composition, or melting point.
  • Easy to use, with independent ready light indicators for "ON", "Motor", and "Temperature".
  • Extra wide entrance (9 7/8") and exit (10 5/8"), to reduce accidental jamming of documents, especially when laminating extra long documents, such as legal size.
  • High Productivity! Its independent "On" and "Motor" switches permit it to be on stand-by or run continuously throughout the day. Ideal for frequent and heavy-duty loads.


Products specifications
Item Name Professional Laminating Equipment
Temperature Control Bimetal
Laminating Temperature Range 185 - 320° F
Speed (ft/min) N/A
Plastic Width Capacity (in) 9 7/8 Inch
Weight (lbs) 13 1/2
Power Requirements 120/220V AC
Heater Wattage 500
Price $253.00